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Billboards are an important part of many business marketing campaigns, but they can be a headache to get built. Then you have to maintain and update them.

Not only are traditional billboards frustrating to maintain, but they’re also difficult to update with new content. If you want to run a new ad or promotion, you have to send someone out to the billboard site with a ladder and a toolbox.

Palmera Construction offers easy-to-maintain LED and static billboards that can be updated online in minutes. We offer maintenance packages as well to make sure you’re never left with a broken billboard that’s wasting your money. Our billboards are reliable and weatherproof, so you can be sure your message will reach your target audience no matter what.

Aerial & Underground Construction Services Include

Construction and Development

Do you have property you’d like to use for advertising?

Palmera researches, designs, engineers, and permits your property for billboard construction.

We work with zoning and ordinances for you to see if building is going to be allowed so nothing is missed before moving forward with construction. 

Lastly, we sell advertising slots for your newly constructed billboard. 


Palmera offers billboard owners and advertisers the opportunity for billboard maintenance. 

Change out one structure to another, clean up and fix any worn out or broken parts alike.

Get your static or LED billboards maintained efficiently without missing any advertising time.  

Warranty and Repair

Billboards often have contracts with them that require swift repair time. 

Owners don’t want to lose advertising customers, advertisers don’t want to lose money. We have a team ready and waiting to ensure both parties are happy. 

Give us a call to see what our monthly warranty and repair packages include. 

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